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The warm introduction platform to get you connected.

Temporary digital spaces to bring like-minded people together without the labour, luck or awkwardness of traditional networking.


The right connections, at the right time.

Say goodbye to awkward networking. Expand your professional circle, learn from the hard-won experience of others and make better connections, faster.

Connect on your terms

No more one-size-fits-all networking, just clear signals people are open to message, without the time pressure.

10x your connections

Badger gets you more conversations with more people. Go from 10 coffee dates in 5 months to 50 conversations in 5 days.

Get beyond the smalltalk

Find out who people really are, then connect on what you really care about. There's more to you than your CV.


Find the people to help you grow.

Get to know your potential future workmates, without all the barriers.

For jobseekers

Meet the team, before you apply.


Peek inside a company under an alias and learn what it's like to work there before you apply.


Forget cold reach outs to strangers, Badger gives fast and easy access to see a company's culture.


Hear first hand from real people about their experience without second guessing anonymous reviews or overly curated content.

Discover companies
For companies

Make it easy for the best talent to get to know you.


The best talent don't apply for jobs. Remove the barriers for them to get to know you in advance of when they are ready.


Transparency is proven to result in greater diversity and a stronger talent pipeline.


Your employees are your most valuable talent attraction tool. Bring them off the bench for faster hiring that sticks.

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Why people love Badger.

"This was SO good! I messaged 14 employees, learnt so much about how they work and I'm now applying with new found passion & understanding."

Aisha King, Software Engineer

"We believe in giving talent the real scoop on life at Auror, straight from our employees. Finding the perfect fit matters to them and us."

Kirsti Grant - VP People Experience

"I found connecting on Badger 10x more valuable than just in person networking. I’ve had more useful chats in 3 groups than 2 years of meetups."

Dean Watson, BDR at Banqer

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With Badger Free, you can create groups for up to 100 people with a 7 day expiry.

Groups take minutes to setup

Easy to administer, customise and moderate

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